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GBAS Junior Program

Junior Encouragement Awards and Club Contributions

The GBAS's primary focus is to assist and encourage the upcoming juniors rather than the elite players. The key elements of this program are the Club Contribution and Junior Encouragement Award which we introduced at the Association's inception. The value of this program is up to $2000 a year. The awards are presented at the end of the year and are well received by our affiliates.

It is important to note that the program funded from the Association's operating surplus and not from external sources.

Junior Award and Club Contribution Recipients

2014 Junior Encouragement Awards   2014 Club Contributions
Naomi LimStrathfield GH Dulwich Hill B/Club$500.00
Sharon DengStrathfield GH Seaforth B/Club$350.00
Janette LiuPLC Zealcon B/Club$500.00
Andrew SusantoDulwich Hill   
Scott TanDulwich Hill   
Effie HengZealcon   
Karin LimZealcon   

2013 Junior Encouragement Awards   2013 Club Contributions
Elain ZhengStrathfield GH Dulwich Hill B/Club$500.00
Amy SituStrathfield GH Seaforth B/Club$500.00
Jellina WangPLC Zealcon B/Club$200.00
Mersalli ChengPLC   
Sophia LowDulwich Hill   
Francesca ChuDulwich Hill   
Lucy HuangZealcon   
Katie TranZealcon   
Uenki ChanSeaforth   

2012 Junior Encouragement Awards   2012 Club Contributions
Linna HeStrathfield GHDulwich Hill B/Club$350.00
Louisa DengStrathfield GHSeaforth B/Club$350.00
Jasmine XuPLCZealcon B/Club$200.00
Eric TruongZealcon  
Maggie ChanDulwich Hill  
Nathan ScottaSeaforth  

2011 Junior Encouragement Awards   2011 Club Contributions
Vivian PoonStrathfield GHSeaforth B/Club$500.00
Olivia LyStrathfield GHZealcon B/Club$200.00
Clarrissa CheongPLC  
Kurstan HuZealcon  
Uki ChanSeaforth  

2010 Junior Encouragement Awards   2010 Club Contributions
Joyce YuPLCSeaforth B/Club$450.00
Samhita SawantStrathfield GHChinese B/Fans$200.00
Siwen RongStrathfield GHZealcon B/Club$200.00
Marcus LoiChinese B/Fans  
Angela QianNSGH  
Kieran ChoZealcon  
Shanky YipSeaforth  

2009 Junior Encouragement Awards   2009 Club Contributions
Sharon WuNSGHDulwich Hill B/Club$450.00
Jacqueline SudulPLCSeaforth B/Club$300.00
Nadia RasjidStrathfield GHZealcon B/Club$150.00
Jason LungChinese B/Fans  
Sylvia LowDulwich Hill  
Clarise KohDulwich Hill  
Ellyn ChoZealcon  
Lawrence ChanSeaforth  

2008 Junior Encouragement Awards   2008 Club Contributions
Hirune SarathchandraEpsatDulwich Hill B/Club$400.00
Rebecca LuongStrathfieldEpsat$150.00
Angela QianNSGH  
Issabella LauPLC  
Joshua LowDulwich Hill  
Haidong TangDulwich Hill  

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2007 Junior Encouragement Awards   2007 Club Contributions
Pauline LiangPLC PymbleDulwich Hill B/Club$400.00
Joyce CheokStrathfieldSeaforth$300.00
Katherine QianNSGH  
Danielle WalshSeaforth  
Michael LeeDulwich Hill  
Lucinda ChengTaren Point  

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2006 Junior Encouragement Awards   2006 Club Contributions
Emily LuongStrathfieldDulwich Hill B/Club$300.00
Karen FongPLCEPSAT$300.00
Nipune WijeratneEpsatSeaforth$150.00
Jonathan LowDulwich Hill  
Seng LowDulwich Hill  
Lisa ZhangNSGH  

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2005 Junior Encouragement Awards   2005 Club Contributions
Elena KwokJT Taren PointDulwich Hill B/Club$250.00
Fiona SiuNSGHEPSAT B/Club$250.00
Justin YuNorthern SydneyJT Taren Point B/Club$150.00
Kieron WalshSeaforthNorthern Sydney B/Club$150.00
Natalie FongStrathfield  
Nathan LeongDulwich Hill  
Oshada WijesingheEPSAT  
Stephanie KhooPLC  
Weng LowDulwich Hill  

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2004 Junior Encouragement Awards   2004 Club Contributions
Athena ChanSBC, KellyvilleCastle Hill B/Club$350.00
Belinda ChungFormosaDulwich Hill B/Club$150.00
Bessie LinCastle HillEPSAT B/Club$250.00
Daniel GohCastle HillTaren Point (JT) B/Club$150.00
Jonathan ChanSMBGThe Hills B/Club$150.00
Justin LeeTaren Pt (JT)  
Katie ZhangNSGH  
Leslie YauGirraween  
Matt KooThe Hills  
Mona IyerStrathfield GH  
Suzanne ChowPLC  
Upeka ChandrawanseEPSAT  
Wai LowDulwich Hill  

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