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The GBAS Junior Development Program

Background - The Get To Know Badminton Program
As in all sports, the potential growth of badminton lies very much in the juniors. While the elites are an important part in badminton, junior development in schools and clubs form an integral part in an effective development program.

The Get To Know Badminton in Schools project was first introduced to the North Shore and Manly Warringah schools in 1990. For the first time in Sydney, many schools were contacted by our Junior Development Officer to conduct School Badminton Orientations.

This project was met with a mixture of responses such as "oh, we are a boy school" or "we already have too many sports in our school" to the occasional "when can you make it". This activity continue to recent times.

By 1993, with our development officer's involvement, badminton became an elective sport in the Kuringai Zone (10 schools from Galston, St. Ives to Carlingford areas) and students began playing inter-school competitions within their Zone.

Badminton Coaching In Schools

Today, badminton is played in many schools in the city areas, Eastern suburbs, lower North Shore, Western suburbs and outer West. A number of schools also have regular coaching sessions to help their students improve their skills.

To date, thousands of students have experienced badminton as a result of our School Coaching Program. Some of these junior players took an interest in badminton and developed their skills to greater heights outside the school environment.

Junior Tournaments
Many juniors are reluctant to participate in tournaments because of these tournaments tend to cater for only the elite players who play and train intensely.
While competition is essential to the development of juniors, it also tends to deter those who have the potential to further themselves.

The GBAS Junior Open format is designed to overcome this problem by providing a novice division and is conducted in a round robin format. Juniors are more comfortable in playing against others who are in the same stage of their development rather than for their age.

The GBAS also conduct an annual School Carnival which provides an opportunity for players from the schools to compete with their peers in the largest badminton grass-root event in the state.

Junior Awards

There is now a much larger number of clubs in Sydney spreading all over the metropolitan area. Unfortunately, most do not accept children. The GBAS Junior Development Award Program offers a number of incentives to encourage and assist clubs that cater for juniors. Clubs may be eligible to receive the GBAS Club Contribution which ranges from $200 to $500 a year. Juniors under the age of 15 in clubs may also be eligible receive the GBAS Encouragement Award which is noramlly in the form of a quality all graphite racket.


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Last modified: 22 June 2015